Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mai Pakistan Mai Bharat Ka Jasus tha

मैं पाकिस्तान में भारत का जासूस था-मोहनलाल भास्कर

Mai Pakistan Mai Bharat Ka Jasus tha- Mohan Lal Bhaskar
Paperback Edition
Book Cover Designed By Deo Prakash Choudhary
Rajkamal Prakashan,New Delhi

Mein Pakistan Mein Bharat Ka Jasoos Tha is an autobiography of an Indian spy who once impersonated as Muhammad Aslam, entered Pakistan and returned to India after a successful mission. However on his second mission he was nabbed by Pakistani security agency. He had come to Pakistan before Dhaka Fall but was released by Bhutto regime in 1974 and returned to India.

Pakistan of today is a target of external agencies besides its internal conflicts. Their aim is to suppress this upcoming nation and protecting of capitalist interests in the region. Under these circumstances, we learn and know as to how the spies work to implement external conspiracies.

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