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Yatharthvad Aur Uski Samsyaen-Yashpal

 Mai aur mera parivesh-Yashpal
Book Cover Designed By Deo Prakash Choudhary
Lokbharti Prakashan,New Delhi

Yashpal, Hindi NovelistYashpal was a revolutionary Hindi novelist of India mostly remembered for his novel `Jhuta Sach`. This novel is regarded as one of the best novels ever written in Hindi language. Yasbpal hailed from Kangra. Born on 3rd of December, 1903, Yashpal had to struggle with poverty in his early childhood. His mother served as a teacher in the orphanage of Ferozepur Cantonment, serving on thirty rupees per month. Yashpal passed his matriculation examination in the year 1921. The influence of the Gurukul Kangri and early acquaintance with revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev made him an ardent Marxist. He completed his graduation from National College, Lahore; but his heart was not in any career.
Yashpal`s first collection of short stories `Pinjare hi Uran` was published in the year 1939 and in 1940 his `Marxvad` was published. His first novel `Dada Comrade` was published in the year 1941. Nearly 50 books were published till his death. His greatest work was Jhuta Sach, a large novel in two volumes, on the partition of India, translated in Russian. His last novel `Meri Teri Uski Baat`, a novel on the life of Indian Christians, won the Sahitya Akademi Award. He wrote satirical sketches and polemical essays, too. But his speciality was short stories, in which he carried on the tradition of Munshi Premchand.
Yashpal successfully carved out a place for himself in modern Hindi literature. His stories like Purda and novels like Deshdrohi Aswin will be long remembered. Some of the popular novels of this well known revolutionary writer are Divya, Deshdrohi aswin, Jhutha Sach, Dada comrade, Amita, Manushya ke roop, Meri Teri Uski Baat and kyon fanse. Yashpal died on 26th of December, 1976 at the age of 73. Yashpal Centenary Postage Stamp was issued by the Government of India in the memory of this great author.

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